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How Annuals & Perennials Work Together

Once the basic features of annuals and perennials are understood – check out this link to The Differences Between Annuals and Perennials – you can go forward with a strategy for building your garden.  Annuals and Perennials pair extremely well together.


Here are a few ideas:

  • choose a few spring, summer, and fall blooming perennials that are appropriate for your horticultural zone and for sun/shade exposure
  • remember that spring perennials kick start gardens with early color before annuals are established and begin blooming
  • check out this link to our blog on Fifteen Fab & Faithful Perennials on ideas for great perennials in the Edmonton area
  • because annuals bloom all summer long, they can work to pull a thread of color through as spring perennials wane in their bloom cycle and as summer perennials begin theirs
  • annuals can disguise a perennial dying back as our eyes are naturally drawn to vibrantly colored blossoms
  • in the autumn, as annuals wind down their life cycle and as leaves crunch under our feet, bold fall blooming perennials take their turn masking the fading annuals and extending the season of color deep into fall

Enjoy planning your garden and experimenting with what works in your garden space.  Remember that gardens are always a work in progress and always require ‘adjustments’ and fine tuning.