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Penstemon digitalis Blackbeard

Beard Tongue: Patent PP30052

  • »  Perfect for landscape plantings
  • »  Deep eggplant purple leaves all season
  • »  Lilac purple flowers have white flowering tubes
  • »  A hummingbird magnet!

    Currently Unavailable
Darwin Perennial

Striking, long blooming lavender purple flowers atop dark red leaves are irresistible to hummingbirds.

Attracts Wildlife
Attracts Humming-birds
Attracts Pollinators
Full Sun
Foliage Color
Soil Moisture
Light Water
Additional Information about Penstemon digitalis 'Blackbeard'

50 Named for the famous black-bearded pirate, this perennial has incredible dark eggplant purple foliage. Dark purple flower stems hold its lilac purple flowers with white flaring tubes. Stays strictly upright all season long.

Growing & Maintenance Tips for Penstemon digitalis 'Blackbeard'

Easy to grow in full sun and dry to average, well-drained soil.
Mulch lightly in Winter. N
Bloom Time: Summer