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Sempervivum Red Beauty

Hen and Chicks

  • »  Small clumping rosettes
  • »  Produce light pink flowers
  • »  Rosettes are red in summer, burgundy in cold
  • »  Ideal for rock gardens or containers

Ball Horticulture
Critter Resistance
Deer Resistant
Rabbit Resistant
Partial Sun
Full Sun
Foliage Color
Season of Interest (Flowering)
Soil Moisture
Average Water
Dry Soil
Additional Information about Sempervivum 'Red Beauty'

Sempervivum or Hen and Chicks is a beautiful collection of succulents that easily survive hot and dry conditions in the garden or container.  One large rosette called the "hen" sprouts smaller rosettes called "chicks" resembling a rose yet to unfurl, hence the name.  They are easy to grow and are fun to collect the many different varieties.  Interesting fact:  a mature rosette may or may not produce flowers and if it does produce a flower, the rosette will die.  Neighboring chicks will quickly fill in the gap.

Growing & Maintenance Tips for Sempervivum 'Red Beauty'

Sempervivum is the perfect plant for hot dry locations as well as being very adaptable to soil types, although performing their best in a gritty soil. Plant them close together about 4 inches apart since they are very slow growing. Once established you will need to pull out the faded rosettes of the 'hens' in order to allow the chicks to fill in. It's easy to pull off the chicks anytime during the season and begin to fill in cracks or crevices or use in planters on a hot, dry deck. If plants begin to rot, you need to provide better drainage