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Dahlia Nadia Ruth

Dahlia Decorative

  • »  Fringed, soft, cotton candy pink flowers with unique texture
  • »  Fluffy, 20 cm large blooms
  • »  Deadhead to promote more blooms
  • »  Dig up in the fall and store in a frost free area

  • Category:Annual
  • Height:90-120 cm
  • Spread:45-60 cm
  • Bloom Color: Pink, White
Critter Resistance
Deer Resistant
Full Sun
Season of Interest (Flowering)
Soil Moisture
Average Water
Growing & Maintenance Tips for Dahlia 'Nadia Ruth'

Fertilize dahlias monthly with a water-soluble, organic fertilizer that is formulated for flowers. Avoid using a high-nitrogen fertilizer, or you'll get lots of green growth with little flowering. Mulch with straw or shredded bark to keep weeds to a minimum and retain moisture. Water regularly, especially during dry periods. Remove old blossoms to encourage more branching and flower production.