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Ground Cover Plants For Sun

Ground-hugging plants can be shrubs, grasses, or perennials. Smothering weeds with their leafy stems, they help fill “sunny” difficult areas such as a steep, sloping bank or a rocky area, and next to sun-baked patios and decks. Species adapted to long periods without rain, such as alpines and succulents, are often tough in other ways. Many can withstand harmful insects and don’t require regular feeding or pruning.

Ground Cover Plants For Shade
Ground Cover Plants For Shade

Ground-cover plants are all-around problem solvers. They are vigorous, low-growing plants that can be used as living mulch, suppressing weeds by absorbing water and nutrients, blocking out light, and forming a physical barrier.  They even provide habitat for pollinators like bees and butterflies.

Gladiolus - A Must-Have For Your Vintage Garden

Always stunning, the Gladiolus combines old-fashioned and nostalgic feelings with easy to grow requirements making them perfect for flower beds as well as containers. With very little effort, they will burst into bloom and add sensational summer color to the garden. They can be overwintered by digging them up in the fall, storing, and replanting the following spring.