Squash - Kabocha

This squash forms single long vines with almost no side shoots and produces 3 lb fruits with dark green, hard skins over sweet, nutty, deep orange flesh. 85 days to maturity, stores well for 5 months.

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45 cm, 60 cm


90 cm, 60 cm

Common Name

Winter Squash, Spaghetti Squash, Zucchini

Companion Plants

Corn, Beans

Garden Location

Full Sun

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Early maturing bush-type squash needs less space than other kabochas. Produces large fruit with dark green skin and bright yellow flesh that is very sweet with a nutty flavour. Stores like a winter squash., A Spaghetti squash that is striped, sweet and nutty on a determinate vine. Can be staked in a container. Use roasted or in soups. Matures in 90 days from sow date., Versatile and easy to grow. Pick fruit when immature, about 6-8" long. Mature in 52 days.

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