Grasses - Annual

Ornamental grasses provide contrast, texture and height to both container and in ground plantings.  Select from our choices of coloured and variegated grasses.

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Pot Type

1 Gallon


burgundy, green, variegated


75 cm, 45 cm, 120 cm, 90 cm, 150 cm, 100 cm


60 cm, 30 cm, 45 cm, 75 cm, 90 cm

Common Name

Cordyline, Bunnytail Grass, Umbrella Plant, Corkscrew Grass, Ornamental Millet, Princess Grass, First Knight Grass, Fountain Grass

Companion Plants

Geraniums, Sunpatiens, Begonias, Argyranthemums, Talinum, Petunias, Marigolds, Impatiens, Dahlias, Geraniums, Osteospermum, Argyranthemums, Spanish Daisy, Dahlberg Daisy, Geraniums, Osteospermum, Argyranthemums, Spanish Daisy, Dahlberg Daisy, Million Bells, Trailing Verbena, Black Eyed Susan Vine, Scaevola, Geraniums, Solenia Begonias, Dragon Wing Begonias, Nonstop Begonias, Martha Washington Geraniums, Dahlias, Osteospermum, Mixed annuals in containers. In the garden landscape mix with other grasses, asters, Echinacea, rudbeckia, liatrus, lilies, delphiniums, shrubs

Garden Location

Full Sun to Full Shade, Full Sun to Part Sun, Morning Sun/Afternoon Shade, Full Sun

Sign Comment

This colorful, corn like plant with burgundy plumes adds interest to containers and borders. Water regularly and fertilize every two weeks. Shelter from wind., Striking corn-like plants. Excellent in containers, borders, mass plantings and an impressive backdrop. Shelter from wind., Beautiful in containers, this tall grass, with burgundy flowerheads, adds great interest to any arrangement. Not hardy for Zone 3, it is widely desired for custom work.

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