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Hanging Basket: Sunpatiens

  • »  May include trailing plants for full to part sun
  • »  Thrive in all light conditions from full sun to part sun
  • »  Deadheading is unnecessary for continual blooming
  • »  Planted in a 12", compostable pot with hangers that are easily removed if desired

Partial Sun
Full Sun
Season of Interest (Flowering)
Late Spring
Soil Moisture
Average Water
Moist, Well-Drained
Growing & Maintenance Tips for Hanging Basket: Sunpatiens

Sunpatiens thrive in a partial shade to full sun location and prefer warm temperatures.

Sunpatiens tolerate some wind but leaves will dry out on the edges if the plant is not well watered.

Sunpatiens prefer moist soil so we recommend checking them regularly for water. They will wilt if the basket dries out but they also bounce back. Sometimes the plants will stop blooming and the leaves will get crispy edges if they get too dry but they will recover with time if you keep them well watered. 

Sunpatiens do not need a lot of fertilizer. Once every 2 weeks is adequate. Some varieties will show signs of stress if they become over fertilized. Their leaves become curled and shriveled. This has more to do with salts accumulating in the soil so make sure that when you water you allow water to run through the drainage hole.

Sunpatiens do not need to be deadheaded but they will benefit from removing the spent flowers to keep them looking tidy.