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A great starting place if you have questions

Wallish Greenhouses has a wonderful team of staff who love plants, love our customers, and are enthusiastic and engaged with what they do.  They are a fantastic resource for any plant and plant care questions.  Please come on in and meet our team!

The most frequently asked questions through our website tend to fall in one of these categories:

How to Purchase

Is your store open?

Yes, we are open beginning on May 1st.  Click here for store hours.
Online Shopping or curbside pick up are not available this year.  

Is Wallish Greenhouses taking phone orders?

Unfortunately, we currently do not have the mechanism to process phone orders.

Container Recycling

Do you have a recycling program for plastic pots?

Yes, we accept our white pots with the Wallish Greenhouse logo back at the garden centre. Please send them back to us clean and in reuseable condition. See the bottom of this plage for a picture showing three of our Wallish pots. We are unable to reuse pots from other garden centres. 

How does Wallish Greenhouses practice environmental stewardship?

Over the years we have learned to use technology to assist us in cultivating our crops and to enhance our environmental stewardship. Drip irrigation, flood benches, and flood floors provide uniform watering, decrease the incidence of foliar diseases, and allow us to recapture our water, filter it, and reuse it.  Our water usage is significantly reduced because of our watering systems.  The cardboard we use is sent to recycle, and we reuse our printed pots. 

Our hanging baskets are made from recycled paper into a wax-permeated molded fiber and they are designed to decompose within 1 year of customary disposal. Did you know that one ton of recycled wastepaper saves the equivalent of between 15 and 17 mature trees?