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A great starting place if you have questions

Wallish Greenhouses has a wonderful team of staff who love plants, love our customers, and are enthusiastic and engaged with what they do.  They are a fantastic resource for any plant and plant care questions.  Please come on in and meet our team!

The most frequently asked questions through our website tend to fall in one of these categories:

How to Purchase

Is your store open?

Yes, we are open beginning on May 1st.  Click here for store hours.
Online Shopping or curbside pick up are not available this year.  

Is Wallish Greenhouses taking phone orders?

Unfortunately, we currently do not have the mechanism to process phone orders.

Container Recycling

Do you have a recycling program for plastic pots?

Yes, we accept our white pots with the Wallish Greenhouse logo back at the garden centre. Please send them back to us clean and in reuseable condition. See the bottom of this plage for a picture showing three of our Wallish pots. We are unable to reuse pots from other garden centres. 

How does Wallish Greenhouses practice environmental stewardship?

Over the years we have learned to use technology to assist us in cultivating our crops and to enhance our environmental stewardship. Drip irrigation, flood benches, and flood floors provide uniform watering, decrease the incidence of foliar diseases, and allow us to recapture our water, filter it, and reuse it.  Our water usage is significantly reduced because of our watering systems.  The cardboard we use is sent to recycle, and we reuse our printed pots. 

Our hanging baskets are made from recycled paper into a wax-permeated molded fiber and they are designed to decompose within 1 year of customary disposal. Did you know that one ton of recycled wastepaper saves the equivalent of between 15 and 17 mature trees?   

Trees and Shrubs

How do I plant and care for my trees and shrubs?

Timing: Trees and shrubs can be planted anytime from spring to fall as long as the ground can be worked, and as long as the plants have been acclimatized to the current temperatures.

Location: Pick a location that is free of electrical, plumbing, or excess roots from other trees, and has adequate sunlight, water, and drainage for the type of tree/shrub being planted. Do not place them in an area where your downspout drains or where there is poor drainage overall.

Hole: Dig your hole twice as wide as the tree or shrub’s pot, and as deep as the pot itself. If your subsoil is excessively heavy with high clay content, dig a little deeper and fill this space with clean sand or gravel to enhance drainage conditions.

Planting: Carefully remove the plant from its pot. If its roots are tightly bound, gently message some of the outer ones loose. Plant the tree or shrub so the soil level in the pot is at the same level as the ground around it and so the tree or shrub is straight.

Backfill: If the soil you dug out is of good quality, you may use it to backfill the hole. If this soil is poor, mix it with a good quality soil-mix and a little bone meal before backfilling. Add soil a layer at a time, packing the soil around the root ball each layer to eliminate air pockets end ensure good soil contact, and settle with water.

Tree well: Create an indentation in the soil which will hold water around the base of the plant.

Staking: If wind could tip or unroot the tree, you may stake it with two stakes on opposite sides of the tree and tie with flexible material that will not damage the bark. Stakes can be removed after the first year.

Mulching: Mulch helps to retain moisture, moderate temperature, and reduce grass and weeds, but it must not be added close to the base of a tree. Pull mulch back from the base of the tree by at least 1 foot to prevent disease.

Water: Water deeply whenever the soil surface dries out, generally weekly, during the first growing season. Established trees and shrubs do not require water as frequently. Most require a good watering one or two times a month during the growing season. A garden hose moved around the tree’s drip line will suffice.

Is there a warrantee on our hardy trees and shrubs?

The trees and shrubs we sell are checked for quality, but if one of them should die we will provide warranty that will give you peace of mind,   provided they have been properly planted and cared for.

Our warranty on hardy trees and shrubs provides a store credit of 50% of the retail value of the plant at the time of purchase, to be used on new product on the date it is returned. Items sold at a discount will not be under warranty. No cash refunds will be issued.

Because we are only open in the spring, warranty will be in place from the purchase date up until the following years’ seasonal closing date, and can be fulfilled only in the season while we are open.

Conditions that void this warranty:

  •  the tree or shrub has been physically damaged off of our premises (by animals, people, machine, or weather),
  •  plants are left in direct sun with plastic around them
  •  roots are exposed to the sun or not watered adequately
  •  mulch has been put down within a foot of the base when planted
  •  it is planted downslope of a downspout or other drainage

Since warranty activation is contingent on the plants being properly cared for, discretion for warranty is up to our knowledgeable sales staff. Receipts must be presented, along with the tree or shrub that has died. Plants must be less than half alive to be considered covered under warranty. If it has some life left in it, please call us first for advice about the plant and what may be done to fix the cause of its stress before bringing it in.

Our customers are our top priority, and we will do what we can to help you care for your living purchases. Plant material purchases require regular care to keep them living and healthy, but they are a reward in themselves.

Annuals and Perennials

Can I return annuals and perennials?

Annuals and perennials can be returned within 48 hours of purchase, in original condition, with sales receipt.