Who We Are

Providing the ingredients to surround yourself with beauty…

Nice to Meet You

Tucked just outside the northern boundary of Sherwood Park on Clover Bar Road, we are known in the greenhouse world as a grower-retailer agribusiness. We specialize in growing annuals and perennials.

Presently, Wallish Greenhouses is operated by Glenn & Louise Wallish, and Dan & Sharon Wallish Murphy, now a 3rd generation business.

Our Technology

Over the years we have learned to use technology to assist us in cultivating our crops and to enhance our environmental stewardship.  We use under bench & in-floor heating to encourage even heating and to promote healthy root development.

Our Greenhouse

Our environmental control system is complex. It integrates elements such as ceiling shade curtains, and rooftop and wall ventilation systems to manage temperature, sunlight exposure, and humidity to provide optimal growing conditions without having large swings in temperatures.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle!

Drip irrigation, flood benches, and flood floors provide uniform watering, decrease the incidence of foliar diseases, and allow us to to recapture our water, filter it, and reuse it.  The cardboard we use is sent to recycle, and we reuse our printed pots.

Local Flowers are Happy Flowers

Wallish Greenhouses strives to provide its customers with the most vigorously healthy plants possible and we do this by selecting only varieties we believe will thrive in our immediate growing conditions.

We prefer to grow the plants we sell because it enables us to control quality and our plants don’t suffer from shipping shock.

We do all of this is with a wonderful team of staff who love plants, love our customers, and are enthusiastic and engaged with what they do.

We are a greenhouse that strives to provide our clients with the best customer service and a product that will enable them to surround themselves with beauty.

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