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"Cutting Back" Perennials

Long-time gardeners sometimes forget that new gardeners might not yet know the nuances of some phrases. There are still some of my grandmother’s gardening phrases floating around in my head that I have yet to decipher, however the last few years in my own garden have provided me with several “aha moments”. Imagine my disappointment learning what “bolt” (describing a plant that has gone to seed prematurely) actually meant.

Dividing Your Daylilies

Once daylily clumps become too large and  flowering decreases, you will want to divide your dalillies. Diving your daylilies rejuvenates them. Check the center of your daylily plant to see if there is any dead growth. If there is, your plant is telling you it’s time to divide it. The best time to divide daylilies is shortly after they have finished flowering in late summer to early fall.  You can expect to divide daylilies every 3 or 5 years in order to keep them healthy and blooming strong.

The Ultimate Guide To Pruning Raspberries [Alberta]
The Ultimate Guide To Pruning Raspberries [Alberta]

As the growing season winds down, that prickly patch of raspberries is screaming for attention. To be able to prune raspberries correctly, understanding their life cycle makes the task so much more bearable. Here are a few tips on raspberry pruning.