The Grandkids Grow Up and Other Changes

Decade 7 & 8:  1980s & 1990s

One thing about time… it never ever stands still and life keep changing.  1980 brings a BIG surprise with the birth of Charlie & Nellie’s fourth child, ginger haired Christopher James, 15 years after Glenn was born.  Christopher completed the grandchild roster for Sally.  She always called him Christopher Wayne and spoiled him with fancy snowsuits and toys.

These two decades see the rest of the grandkids growing up and pursuing their passions and careers as the greenhouse continues to grow bedding plants and to fine tune their plant offerings according to the consumer palate.

We see a movement in consumer demand for larger plants, which would be a quicker way to get their gardens to fill instead of waiting until August for small transplants to bloom to then succumb to frost in the next 2 weeks.  Hanging baskets start trending and perennials are rising in popularity beyond Delphiniums, Lupines, and Hollyhocks.  Wallish Greenhouses is also seeing an increase in retail activity at the riverbank location, which was historically mainly wholesale.

Charlie, Jean, and Robert are beginning to look to the future and retirement.  Jean & Bill and their girls all relocate to BC.  Glenn becomes involved with the business and after he married Louise in 1990, she added her talents to the greenhouse business alongside doing physiotherapy.  Louise spear headed the hanging basket movement at the greenhouse.  She developed flower recipes and worked out hanging basket production details with Glenn.  Louise still oversees hanging baskets today, staying attune to trends and adjusting to what is rises and falls in popularity.  Over time, Glenn & Louise take over the business and Glenn becomes the lead grower.

In a move to grow the retail business further, another relocation began in the mid 1990s from the riverbank setting to the present location on Cloverbar Road, ¼ mile north of Highway 16, one greenhouse at a time. The final quonsets are moved by the early 2000s.  Now the riverbank location is named “the old place” and the new location is called “the new place”.

The focus also gradually shifted over time from mainly wholesale to mostly retail and the decision was made to drop the market gardening end of the business.  The focus moves to growing annuals and perennials and creating beautiful hanging baskets and containers for people to enjoy. To respond to this, more greenhouses are built with increased sophistication, mechanization, and instrumentation.

On the family side, 7 grandchildren arrive to Charlie & Nellie in the 1990s – 3 with Glenn & Louise (Sean, Danielle, Amy), and 4 with Dan & Sharon (Daniel, Sarah, Joshua, Michael).

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