31+ Beautiful Balcony Gardening Ideas

Balconies can be places of refuge where we seize a little garden tranquility by stepping out of the busy-ness of life and into a little nature outdoors.  With the popularity of container gardening over the last years, planning for a balcony garden has become versatile and fun as plant breeding programs are focussing more energy into developing compact versions of many flower and vegetable standbys.  Now you can have your choice of growing fresh veggies, like patio peas which thrive in containers, alongside herbs and floral favorites.

One of the most fun parts of doing container gardening is shopping for the containers and the flowers but before you start purchasing anything, know what your end goal is so you make wise buying decisions. Check out this list of things to consider:

  1. Know the exposure of your balcony – This information makes the difference between success and mediocrity. Ask the following questions to determine which plants will do the best in your location:
    1. Which direction does the balcony face? Does it get sun in the early morning, all afternoon, or late in the day?
    2. How many hours of direct sun does it receive? How many hours of shade does it get? Direct sun means that the sun is shining right on your balcony.
    3. It is windy? What direction does the wind come from most days?
    4. How hot does it get?
  2. Know what kinds of plants you’d like to grow:
    1. Would you like to grow kitchen herbs?
    2. Would you like to grow veggies?
    3. Would you like to edible flowers?
    4. Would you like to grow amazing and colorful flowers?
  3. Know what kinds of container options are available:
    1. A mix of container styles & shapes – upright and hanging
    2. Consider where you may implement lattices and trellises – these extend your container heights

We have crafted this chart of small plant ideas with a big splash for balconies:

Balcony Gardening Ideas

6-8 hours or more of Direct Sun
Usually a direct east, south, or west exposure
4 hours or less of Direct Sun
Usually a northeast, north, or northwest exposure
Hanging Baskets:

– Calibrachoa (Million Bells), Mixed Geranium, Ivy Geranium, Sunpatiens

Hanging Baskets: 

– Begonia, Solenia Begonia, Bossa Nova Begonia, Fuchsia, Sunpatiens

Flowers & Containers with:

– Black Eyed Susan, Cobea on trellises
– Cannas
– Calibrachoa (Million Bells)
– Dahlias
– Gazania
– Geraniums
– Grasses
– Helichrysm
– Impoemia (Sweet Potato Vine)
– Lamium
– Marigolds
– Salvia
– Petunias
– Princess Lilies
– Scaevola
– Verbena

Flowers & Containers with:

– Abutilon
– Begonias – Solenia, Dragon Wing, Bossa Nova (trailing), Nonstop upright
– Browallia
– Coleus
– English Ivy
– Euphorbia
– Fuchsia – upright & trailing
– German Ivy
– Impatiens
– Iresine
– Lamium
– Lobelia
– Lysmachia
– Plectranthus
– Scaevola


– herbs of any kind
– patio peas, beets, carrots, peppers, tomatoes
– mixed lettuce bowls


– most vegetables need at least 6 hours of direct sunshine, you could experiment & see what will grow

Hanging Baskets are great for balconies – if you would like more information about which types are good for yours, take a peek at these two blogs:

If you have any questions about Balcony Gardening, feel free to contact us or call us on the phone at 780-467-3091 and we will be happy to dialog with you!

– by Sharon Wallish Murphy

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Sharon Wallish Murphy
Sharon grew up in the Wallish Greenhouse at the heels of her father, Charlie, who mentored her. Sharon’s passion is to share the love for growing and to empower others to find joy in their gardening journey, just like her dad.