3 Easy Ways To Deer Proof Your Garden In The Fall

Tired of your beautiful garden being munched on by deer? Today, we’re sharing our tried and true tips for deer proofing your garden in the fall.

There has to be few things more frustrating than watching deer munch your favourite shrubs all winter long. Deer are attracted to tender shoots as a food source. Although we can never stop deer completely, we can slow them down.

Here’s how to deer proof your garden in the fall:

1. Deer Repellants

Homemade or commercial, it’s no secret that deer repellants may bring mixed success because deer become tolerant to the chemicals. If using repellants, know they have to be rotated or changed up every 3 weeks or so. Remember that repellants have to be reapplied after a snow or if the shrubs get wet.

2. Fencing

Fences are the most reliable method. It’s best to fence individual specimens you’d like to protect, which allow deer into the yard but protects plants you’d like to keep healthy. One of the benefits of deer-proofing specific plants in your garden with fencing is that it is less expensive than placing 7’ fencing around the entire yard. Fencing also protects your garden from more than just deer (such as rabbits & porcupines).

Fencing Taller Trees

Build the fence 4’ from the tree you’d like to protect, so the deer can’t just lean over & eat the branches. Start the fence right next to the ground to prevent deer from crawling under it.

Fencing Shorter Shrubs & Trees

Build the fence a few feet higher than the plant so they can’t reach down and dine. Check your fences weekly for weaknesses, so you can reinforce them if needed. You may need to make the fences higher once packed snow accumulates.

3. Drain Pipes & Burlap

Flexible drain pipes around tree trunks work as a good barrier for protecting them from being eaten. Wrapping shrubs in burlap also provide a physical barrier from being chewed. Plant trees & shrubs they don’t like to eat such as barberries & lilacs.

– by Sharon Wallish Murphy

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