How to Overwinter Dracaenas (Spike Plants)

Dracaenas have been a gardening staple for years.  They are native to Africa, South America, and Madagascar.  Dracaenas are a bullet proof, easy to grow plant that adds texture and height to gardens and containers.  Interestingly, dracaenas comprise a large part of the Asparagus family and there are multiple varieties available.  Dracaenas are wonderful for purifying air in homes and offices naturally.

Sometimes we are asked for information about how to keep the green grassy dracaenas through the winter months.  There are a couple of options to accomplish this.

Option 1:

  • If the dracaena is part of a larger container arrangement or planted in the ground, repot it into an appropriately sized container using good quality potting soil.  Water it well after transplanting.
  • Bring it indoors and keep it as a house plant.
  • Dracaenas like plenty of ambient light and average room temperatures of 16-20C.  Unexpected and sudden changes in temperatures can cause leaves to yellow and fall off.  Don’t allow the leaves to touch cold windows.
  • Water when the soil is dry being sure to let the excess water drain out of the bottom of the pot.  If the roots stand in water, they will rot.
  • Dracaenas are sensitive to fluoride which can cause the leaves to get brown tips.

Option 2:

  • If you don’t want to keep the dracaena in your home, you could keep the it in a warmed garage that has ambient light from a window.  It will stay in temperatures of 10-15 C in indirect light.
  • Water sparingly throughout the winter and bring it out in spring.
  • We have a family friend who has done this for years and now his dracaenas are over 4 feet tall.
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If you have any questions about dracaenas, or would like to add to the conversation, please feel free to share your input via email or call us we would love to hear from you.

– by Sharon Wallish Murphy


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